This month on showcase

  • Getting On: The Revolving Door Admit 10.30am 30th Jan
  • True Blood: Sunset 11.40am 30th Jan
  • The Sopranos: The Happy Wanderer 12.40pm 30th Jan
  • Girls: Girls Episode 3 1.35pm 30th Jan
  • Looking: Looking Episode 3 2.05pm 30th Jan
  • Hannibal: Savoureux 2.40pm 30th Jan
  • Dexter: Those Kinds Of Things 3.30pm 30th Jan
  • Olive Kitteridge: A Different Road 8.30pm 30th Jan
  • The Knick: Working Late A Lot 9.30pm 30th Jan
  • Romanzo Criminale: Episode 8 11.30pm 30th Jan
  • Braquo: Our Funeral 12.30am 31st Jan