This month on showcase

  • The Leftovers: Guest 10.35pm 23rd Nov
  • Spartacus: Vengeance: Wrath Of The Gods 11.35pm 23rd Nov
  • Braquo: Mother And Homeland 12.35am 24th Nov
  • Newsroom: Run 1.30am 24th Nov
  • Hello Ladies: The Limo 2.30am 24th Nov
  • Getting On: Is Soap A Hazardous Substance? 3.00am 24th Nov
  • Enlightened: The Ghost Is Seen 3.30am 24th Nov
  • Penny Dreadful: Resurrection 5.30am 24th Nov
  • Looking: Looking For The Future 9.25am 24th Nov
  • Sons Of Anarchy: Suits Of Woe 2.30pm 24th Nov
  • True Blood: To Love Is To Bury 5.30pm 24th Nov
  • Witness: Witness: Rio 8.30pm 24th Nov
  • Girls: Females Only 9.30pm 24th Nov