This month on showcase

  • Gasland II 11.55pm 1st Nov
  • Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth 2.00am 2nd Nov
  • Hatfields & McCoys: Part 1 3.30am 2nd Nov
  • Clear History 8.40am 2nd Nov
  • Phil Spector 10.25am 2nd Nov
  • Boardwalk Empire: Eldorado 6.55pm 2nd Nov
  • Sons Of Anarchy: The Separation Of Crows 7.55pm 2nd Nov
  • On The Set 8.55pm 2nd Nov
  • Getting On: Nightshift 9.30pm 2nd Nov
  • The Leftovers: Two Boats And A Helicopter - Y 10.30pm 2nd Nov