This month on showcase

  • Girls: Beach House 11.50pm 21st Dec
  • Newsroom: What Kind Of Day Has It Been 12.50am 22nd Dec
  • Hello Ladies: Long Beach 2.00am 22nd Dec
  • Getting On: Getting On S2 6 2.30am 22nd Dec
  • True Detective: The Locked Room 3.05am 22nd Dec
  • The Knick: Mr. Paris Shoes 4.10am 22nd Dec
  • Penny Dreadful: Possession 5.10am 22nd Dec
  • The Leftovers: The Prodigal Son Returns 6.10am 22nd Dec
  • Herblock: The Black & The White 9.10am 22nd Dec
  • True Blood: Hitting The Ground 5.30pm 22nd Dec
  • A Good Job: Stories Of The Fdny 7.35pm 22nd Dec
  • Mad Men: The Color Blue 10.40pm 22nd Dec
  • Dexter: Practically Perfect 11.30pm 22nd Dec